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Charting a Course of Wisdom: Edge Students Return for an Ecclesiastes Expedition

As winter break comes to an end, Edge Students are gearing up for an exciting return. This time around, they’re not just resuming their regular routine – they’re diving into a thought-provoking series from the book of Ecclesiastes that can equip students to rationally walk out their faith, in answering some of life’s toughest questions, all because of the Good shepherd.

The new series is poised to challenge the way students view the world, offering a deep dive into the wisdom found in Ecclesiastes. This biblical exploration aims not only to equip them with a solid foundation for their faith but to equip them in sharing the gospel through conversations with friends about faith, life, and tough questions.

Ecclesiastes, known for its profound reflections on the meaning of life, will serve as a guide for Edge Students to navigate the complexities of their world. As they grapple with existential questions and seek understanding in the scriptures, the hope is that they will emerge with a strengthened faith and a renewed sense of purpose. Along with clarity as they seek to see Jesus through valleys and hilltops of life.

The series doesn’t just stop at personal growth; it also encourages students to look beyond themselves and recognize opportunities to share the gospel. The biblical worldview they cultivate is intended to be a beacon, illuminating paths to connect with those who are still far from God. Armed with this newfound perspective, Edge Students are not only prepared to walk faithfully but also to actively engage with others on their spiritual journey.

Returning from winter break isn’t just a return to the familiar; it’s an embarkation on a transformative journey that promises to shape the way Edge Students perceive the world around them. The Ecclesiastes series is not just another set of teachings but a dynamic exploration that will challenge, inspire, and ultimately empower these students to be ambassadors of faith in their community.

As the Edge community gathers once more, anticipation fills the air for the growth, connections, and impactful moments that lie ahead. This series promises to be a pivotal chapter in their collective journey, weaving together the timeless wisdom of Ecclesiastes with the vibrant energy of Edge Students, creating a tapestry of faith, understanding, and purpose.


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