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Top of Mind Monday

I can't wait to see what God will do through the Wheelers for marriages in our community!

The divorce rate is growing both in and out of the church. Even when not ending in divorce, marriages are struggling and people are hurting. We should expect nothing less knowing that the enemy is out to attack something meant to reflect Christ's love for the church. David and Gigi Wheeler are starting a community group with a focus on marriage in early March. If you weren't in the Gathering, catch the replay here, or reach out to for more details.

I'm praying for Skyline.

We continue to see God moving and answering prayer as we pray for the 13 streets around our church building. This week, we're praying for the people on Skyline Dr. - That God would work in their lives, call them to himself, and show them his grace and mercy!

I've got to get my kids signed up for camp.

I'm slacking on this, but the deadline is right around the corner! I'm tired of telling Tinley and Preston I haven't signed them up yet, so if you're getting pestered like me and it's time to get your kids off your back, sign up today!

I'm super thankful for a TON of volunteers!

There are servant leaders ALL OVER THE PLACE when we gather together on the weekends! From people who help check-in our kids, to people preparing communion and leading the staff in communion at 9:30, band members who have practiced for hours before anyone else comes, to people running online streams, handing out bulletins, meeting people in the parking lot and making coffee, the TEAM is HUGE! And I'm probably leaving people out! Like the incredible people who are serving in Community Kids and EDGE Students and the people who are using their gifts to lead and organize all those teams! Wow! THANK YOU! If you're not a part of one of these teams and you want to be, fill out this form.

I'm hoping that Jesus keeps doing things I'd never expect.

Sometimes the good news of the gospel is overwhelming when you're preaching it. Sunday was one of those moments as I thought about Nicodemus and the dead body of Christ. May Jesus keep doing things in our midst that I would never expect! Help me to trust you more, Lord.. (Clip: Jesus isn't always what we expected)


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