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Top of Mind Monday

Shelbyville lost a leader who shaped our community this week.

Rev. Robert Marshall was one of a kind. Even if you didn't know him, you've likely been impacted by one of the many community leaders he has shaped over the last couple generations. An infectious smile, wise words, and that unmatchable ability to discern what needed to be said at just the right time.. Reverend Marshall was a legend. He'll be missed!

Next Gen Next Steps EVERYWHERE!

As we come to the end of the school year, there are all kinds of next steps in Next Gen! This coming Sunday, 5th graders will lead Community Kids on Sunday morning before a special celebration for them and their families at 4 pm.

Our EDGE Seniors will be recognized during the Gathering before the End of School Bash that night at 5pm.

What an exciting time for the next generation as they celebrate milestones and head into new adventures!

I'm really grateful for everyone who pulled together to celebrate our new babies and their families!

Speaking of new adventures, how about those new babies Sunday!! I love new babies! I also really love that our church rallies around those new babies. So many people pulled together to walk with families, serve them brunch, take their picture, and just love on them! Love it! Thank you!

35 Volunteers to go!

The staff made the big ask of 40 new volunteers for the fall. We've got our first 5! Don't forget to check out the opportunities and jump on board. You can do it online or by visiting the Connect Desk in the lobby.

"Anything that makes me depend on Christ is a gift." - Hershael York

I've got PAGES of notes from the Basics Conference we attended last week. And that doesn't count the more subtle notes that just grip your heart! The line above, though, was one that I've found myself repeating to myself and others. We must learn as Christ followers to reframe our struggles and see them from Christ's point of view. It's one of our greatest testimonies to the world! A huge thanks, too, to Dr. York who's teaching and preaching throughout the conference was extremely encouraging!


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