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Top of Mind Monday

Reign Above it All. Loved closing the Gathering with this new song yesterday! Here's a short clip to give you a taste in case you missed it, or just want to praise him for a minute!

We need everyone to be ready to SERVE! Yesterday we continued our "Seek the Kingdom" series with an encouragement from Jesus to serve in order to stay ready for the King's return. We asked each person in our CCC family to fill out an online form to sign-up for volunteer teams for the next year. Thanks to over 70 of you who have already done that! If you missed it or haven't completed your form do it now!

Be the Church membership class goes online. For some of those volunteer roles, being a covenant member is required. To become a covenant member, completing our "Be the Church" class is required. After trying some changes earlier in 2024, we're adapting it just a bit more to a hybrid model. You complete an online course on our beliefs and covenants before attending an in-person event that connects you to people and ministries. If you need to take the next step of becoming a covenant member, you can start right now on the online class!

Mother's Day. This is on my mind for all kinds of reasons! One, I love worshipping with families as they dedicate their children! Such a special moment! Second, Monday is the reminder to think ahead on how to honor the special ladies in my life. Guys, lead well by honoring well this week!

Dead Batteries + New Life. I started my Monday by heading to the garage and finding my car battery dead. As I finally got to my "Top of Mind Monday" thoughts, it hit me that my dead battery may have hit me like the challenge to serve hit others this weekend. It feels like something else to add to the list or take care of. Moments later, the Spirit was good to remind me that when I'm serving in the flesh, it feels like trying to navigate a day with a dead battery. But when I'm serving in the Spirit, resurrection power is bringing me new life. Romans 6:11 comes to mind which says, "So, you too consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus." Let's do that this week, CCC!


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