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Graduating 5th Graders Lead Community Kids!

Our graduating 5th graders served our church in a big way! They led our gathering time in Community Kids from worship to small groups. It was exciting to watch them serve and teach truths about God to the elementary students. Here are some of the things that happened:

  • They all participated in a skit based on Ruth Chapter 1, introducing Naomi and Ruth.

  • Ruby taught us what a companion is.

  • Caedmon introduced our new Memory Verse for the month of June.

  • In small groups, they read from the Jesus' Storybook Bible about God giving believers the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  • Charlie and Ruby demonstrated that even though we cannot see the Holy Spirit, he fills us and makes us look different on the outside.

  • Caedmon showed that the Holy Spirit lives in us even though we cannot see him.

  • Kaylani and Esther illustrated that when the Holy Spirit lives within us, He guides us to make good decisions.

  • Lilia and Norah demonstrated that the Holy Spirit is God and cannot be separated from God.

Congratulations, 5th graders! We can't wait to see how God continues to use you as you follow His lead!

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