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Love Shelbyville Day on February 23rd

It's time to serve our community and love on Shelbyville! Every fourth Sunday, instead of our usual gathering we “go outside” the walls of our church and serve in the community. Meet us at Governor's Square this Sunday, February 23rd, at 10 AM to group up and Go Outside. Opportunities are listed below.

A Place to Sleep

Delivering beds to local families


Office tasks and sorting diapers

Backpack Project

Packing bags of food for children to take home on the weekend

Butterfly House

Moving furniture out of storage to their old location

Colonial Hall

Visiting with residents


Celebrating birthdays and visiting with residents

Habitat for Humanity Installing a handrail

Letters to Inmates

Writing encouraging letters to those incarcerated in Shelby County

Marnel C. Moorman Building shelves and organizing

Operation Care

Moving furniture out of storage


Praying for our community, the lost, those serving, and special prayer request


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