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Top of Mind Monday

God doesn't waste pain. Shawn Crowe's story yesterday during the Gathering recalled some of the hardships that people from Midland and our church faced over the last several years. But he did so in a way that reminded us of all that God was still doing in the midst of that, including growing his faith! Top that off with fellow former Midlander Mary Bracken belting out "Ain't no grave gonna hold this body down!" and it felt like CCC was ready to storm the gates of hell with a water pistol! As I reflect this morning, it was a reminder that God doesn't waste pain. He transforms it by the gospel into fuel for the mission. Let's GO!

Your leaders want to be praying for you. I sat with our deacon team yesterday afternoon and was reminded of just how deeply our leaders care about our people and how much they want to be praying for God to work in their lives. Your leaders want to be praying for you. Don't be slow to contact one of your leaders; a community group leader, a deacon, a pastor/elder, or staff member, and let them know how we can be praying for you. It's not selfish. It's allowing the church to be the church.

One more family.. We're excited to help host a weekend at Barren Heights Retreat Center this summer, but we need one more family to commit to joining our team June 21-23.

Here's my ask; Pray this prayer: Lord, do you want our family to join you in this? If he says yes. Contact Katie!

We're constantly underestimating God. The Lord has reminded me in about 10 ways since yesterday morning how I'm underestimating just how good and powerful he is. I fail to trust him so often!

He wants to do so much more in our lives than we believe. So believe big today. Don't underestimate God. His plans are way better than yours.


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