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Top of Mind Monday

There's no deeper encouragement than people living out the mission.

Whether it was Isabella Midkiff loving on the teachers at there school, Casey Page being recognized as the national teacher of the year, a couple inviting a new friend over for dinner, a leader stepping up to lead a mission trip, a bunch of ladies passionately connecting one another to groups, or a conversation about who to "egg," there is no deeper encouragement than people living out the mission to join Jesus in going OUT to make disciples. Keep going church! I know that even as I see all those encouragements, there are many more stories I don't see. THANK YOU!

Sign-up for Love Shelbyville then send your friend the link.

Speaking of going out to be the church, get signed up for Love Shelbyville this weekend ASAP! Here, go now: And after you sign-up, text the link to a friend, and invite them to do the same!

"I asked God what I should do next."

And then Clayton Reese just kept doing what God told him to do. That kind of simple faith is really inspiring! If you missed out on their stories this week, make sure to catch it on The Backpack later in the week.

Touched Twice needs some more "shepherds" to be ready for this Saturday.

We're loving on people in a ton of directions this weekend - Praise the Lord! And we don't want you to miss out! Touched Twice has been serving members of our community for years with basic medical and material needs. They need some more shepherds for this Saturday's clinic to be with people as they navigate all the resources. Get signed up here:

Easter, here we come! Krysta Howell did a great job coaching our kids on inviting their friends to our Egg Hunt as well as preparing an awesome way to share the gospel with them while they do it! If you missed out, pick one up at church this week. It's all part of the Easter weekend we're looking forward to: March 29 - Good Friday Worship Night: 6 pm March 30 - Egg Hunt at Southside Elementary: 11 am March 31 - Easter Worship Gathering: 10 am Can't wait to "See Jesus" more clearly after this weekend!


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