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Top of Mind Monday!

Growing leaders

Those two words are on my mind in multiple ways. One, I'm coming back from a week off thankful for a ton of leaders who are growing at CCC right now! Over the last few weeks, I've watched several people fill new roles, take on more responsibility, or pursue training to get ready for what's next. That's exciting! But it's also on my mind because it's a big part of what I want to give my effort to in this next season: Growing leaders. Myself, our leadership teams, group leaders, missionaries, work place leaders.. today it's on my mind to keep growing leaders.

Beauty & Brokenness - In Jamaica and in Me

Katelyn and I celebrated 15 years of marriage in Jamaica last week! It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. And at the same time, the locals who served us reminded us of the brokenness that exists there. As I try to balance reflecting on the week and getting back to work today, I'm reminded again of that same tension in me.

There's beauty in what God is doing in my life. Grace abounds and his mercy is new every morning. And I'm glad, because I'm reminded of the brokenness often. For example, about day 3 in Jamaica, I realized I was more burnt out than I thought I was. I got there through a weird mixture of pride and lack of discipline.

This week will bring a variety of challenges for our CCC family. Some of you will have incredibly difficult weeks while others are enjoying beautiful moments. Jesus knows what you need in both the beauty and the brokenness.

Ted Dekker's fictional book "Black"

While I was on the beach I wanted to read some fiction to help relax my brain. I picked up Ted Dekker's book Black and I enjoyed it! The story is somewhat carried by the redemptive story and I enjoyed how it interplayed with the main character's everyday life. One of my favorite lines in the book reminded me of just how magnificently good and dynamic God is:

“Some would say the Creator is a lamb. Some would say he's a lion. Some would say both. The fact is, he is neither a lamb nor a lion. These are fiction. Metaphors. Yet the Creator is both a lamb and a lion. These are both truths.” - Ted Dekker, Black

The kingdom you see is the kingdom you seek.

That's the overarching premise of the new sermon series we're beginning April 14 at CCC Seek His Kingdom. Did you know that Jesus spent most of his time teaching about God's kingdom?

As we open Luke 12 together, we'll read about Jesus revealing truths about his kingdom in hopes that his followers will see the kingdom realities around them. When we can see our daily interactions through the lens of God's kingdom reality, it will change the way we seek to live.

Change us, King Jesus!

Which brings to mind one last quote from Frances Ridley Havergal:

If the King is indeed near of kin to us, the royal likeness will be recognizable. - Frances Ridley Havergal


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